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The Salty Donut’s Boston Creme Donut: Here’s Why It’s A Must-Try!

If you find yourself in Miami and have a sweet tooth, one spot you cannot afford to miss is The Salty Donut. This Miami-based gem is not your average donut shop; it’s an artisanal coffee bar that has made a name for itself with its unique, chef-made, small-batch craft donuts. One of their standout creations is the Boston Creme Donut, a treat that has quickly become a local favorite.

The Salty Donut prides itself on its commitment to quality and freshness. Each donut is a product of careful craftsmanship, using only the finest ingredients available. Their dedication is reflected in every bite of their delicious offerings. From the dough to the glaze, everything is produced in-house, ensuring a delightful experience like no other.

So, why exactly is The Salty Donut’s Boston Creme Donut a must-try in Miami? Stay with us as we unravel the allure of this delectable treat and take you on a mouthwatering journey through the world of artisan donuts.

Where Can You Find The Salty Donut? 

If you’re in Miami and craving a uniquely delicious donut, The Salty Donut is the place to go. Nestled in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts & Design District, their main store can be found at 50 NW 23rd St. Suite 112 Miami, FL 33127, as indicated by Miami Beach Visitor Center. With its vibrant street art and bustling creative scene, Wynwood sets the perfect stage for these artisanal treats.

But that’s not all! For those stationed near South Miami or Florida International University, The Salty Donut has got you covered with their additional locations, as per their official website. They’ve also set up a pop-up shop at Mary Brickell Village, adding another spot for you to get your donut fix.

Each location offers a unique ambiance, reflecting the vibe of the neighborhood. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee and donut on your way to work, or planning a leisurely sit-down session to relish every bite, The Salty Donut provides a setting that enhances the gourmet experience.

And if you’re someone who prefers the comfort of your own home, worry not! The Salty Donut has made it incredibly easy to enjoy its offerings without stepping out. With their online ordering for pickup or local delivery, as mentioned on their website, you can indulge in their delightful creations anytime, anywhere.

What Makes The Boston Cream Donut Special? 

One bite into The Salty Donut’s Boston Cream Donut and you’ll understand why this treat stands out. It’s not your ordinary donut; it’s a meticulously crafted 24-hour brioche filled with traditional Boston cream vanilla custard and topped with a luscious ganache glaze. This combination of ingredients results in a decadent delight that is both comforting and indulgent.

The Boston Cream Donut is a popular variant of the classic Boston Cream Pie, as pointed out by NYT Cooking. Instead of a pie, the silky pastry cream is enveloped in a crisp, flaky donut, providing an irresistible contrast of textures.

Here’s what makes this donut special:

  • 24-Hour Brioche: The brioche dough used for these donuts is proofed for 24 hours, creating a light and airy texture that is distinctively rich and buttery. This time-intensive process results in a donut that is soft yet structured, perfect for holding the cream filling.
  • Traditional Boston Cream Vanilla Custard: The heart of this donut is its creamy custard filling. Made with traditional Boston cream, this vanilla custard is smooth, velvety, and packed with flavor. It lends a sweet and creamy contrast to the slightly savory brioche dough, as described by Serious Eats.
  • Ganache Glaze: Adding a touch of elegance to the donut is the ganache glaze. This chocolate topping is not just visually appealing, but also adds a layer of richness and depth to the overall flavor profile. It complements the vanilla custard and brioche dough beautifully, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

The Boston Cream Donut from The Salty Donut is a carefully balanced masterpiece. Each component contributes to its specialness, making it a must-try for anyone with a penchant for sweet treats.

An Unexpected Twist: No Filling? 

While most donut lovers might expect a Boston Cream Donut to be filled with creamy custard, The Salty Donut presents a surprising twist. Their version of the Boston Cream, contrary to expectations, does not contain any filling. This unique characteristic creates an interesting and unexpected taste experience for customers.

Let’s delve into the specifics of this unique feature:

  • No Custard Filling: Unlike traditional Boston Cream Donuts, as described by NYT Cooking, The Salty Donut’s variant does not have a custard filling. This departure from tradition might raise eyebrows, but it also piques curiosity, prompting customers to give it a try.
  • Focus on the Brioche and Ganache: Without the custard filling, the focus shifts entirely to the 24-hour brioche and ganache glaze. According to a recipe by Julie’s Eats and Treats, these two elements can shine in their own right, offering a different yet delightful take on the classic donut.
  • Unexpected Taste Experience: The absence of a filling results in a unique taste experience. While some might miss the traditional custard, others might enjoy the simplicity and straightforwardness of a donut that focuses on the essentials, as suggested by Mary’s Test Kitchen.

The Salty Donut’s Boston Cream is a testament to the fact that sometimes, less is more. By eliminating the filling, they have reinvented the Boston Cream Donut, offering customers an exciting and unexpected twist on a beloved classic.

A Dessert Collaboration: Salt & Straw x The Salty Donut 

The Salty Donut, a renowned donut shop based in South Florida, is known for its innovative approach to crafting mouth-watering donuts. Recently, they took this innovation a step further by collaborating with Salt & Straw, an ice cream brand that shares their commitment to flavorful and imaginative creations. This partnership resulted in a dessert dream come true, as reported by US Magazine.

This collaboration adds a new twist to the Boston Cream donut. As part of this special partnership, the Boston Cream donut is enhanced with bourbon-caramelized brioche dough. This addition takes the already delicious donut to new heights, adding a layer of complexity and richness that perfectly complements the existing flavors.

The bourbon-caramelized brioche dough is a genius creation of Salt & Straw. It brings a unique fusion of flavors that elevates the overall experience of enjoying a Boston Cream donut. The bourbon adds a touch of warmth and depth, while the caramelization process enhances the sweetness and gives a delightful crunch. Combined with the fluffy brioche dough, this enhancement creates an explosion of flavors that are hard to resist.

This successful collaboration between Salt & Straw and The Salty Donut is a testament to their shared passion for creating unforgettable dessert experiences. It’s not just about creating something sweet to eat; it’s about pushing the boundaries of flavor and texture to deliver a truly special treat. As per the Miami Herald, their second ice cream collaboration was released online on February 3, making it easier than ever for customers to indulge in this decadent delight.

Customer Reviews: Why Do They Love It? 

The Salty Donut’s popularity in Atlanta is evident from the rave reviews it receives from its customers. From first-time visitors to regular patrons, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the high-quality, inventive flavors, and impeccable service at this beloved donut shop.

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Outstanding Flavors: One customer on Yelp was impressed with the diverse range of flavors on offer, noting that they were “amazing” and expressing a desire to return. This highlights The Salty Donut’s commitment to providing a unique and satisfying taste experience for every customer.
  • Rotating Menu: Another reviewer mentioned the rotating menu at The Salty Donut on Yelp, highlighting the Banana Cream Pie Donut as a standout. A rotating menu ensures that there’s always something new to try, keeping the offerings fresh and exciting.
  • Unique Cafe Drinks: A TikTok user shared their appreciation for the unique cafe drinks available at The Salty Donut, mentioning the Cinnamon Cereal Milk Latte. Such innovative drink options enhance the overall experience at the shop, offering more than just delicious donuts.
  • High Ratings: The Salty Donut has an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars from DoorDash users, according to DoorDash. This high rating reflects the consistent quality and service that customers can expect when they visit.
  • Extraordinary Experience: One enthusiastic customer on Roadtrippers described The Salty Donut as the “BEST PLACE EVER,” praising the exceptional service and extraordinary donuts. This review underscores the memorable experience that The Salty Donut strives to provide for all patrons.

These glowing reviews highlight why The Salty Donut is a hit among customers in Atlanta. With its unique flavors, rotating menu, inventive drinks, high ratings, and outstanding service, it’s no wonder that this donut shop continues to delight and impress.

Why The Salty Donut’s Boston Cream Donut is a Must-Try in Miami

The Salty Donut’s Boston Cream Donut is truly a unique treat. Its unexpected twist of having no filling allows the flavors of the 24-hour brioche and ganache glaze to shine. The collaboration with Salt & Straw further elevates this treat, adding a delicious layer of bourbon-caramelized brioche dough that brings complexity and richness.

The numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers testify to its exceptional taste and quality. With high ratings and glowing recommendations, it’s clear that this donut has won the hearts of many dessert lovers.

So, if you find yourself in Miami, make sure to visit The Salty Donut. Their Boston Cream Donut is not just a sweet treat, but a memorable taste experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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