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Here Are 5 Weird Florida Laws

I love living in Florida, but sometimes it can get a little strange. It’s no surprise that there are also some strange laws. One of the weirdest laws that made this list is the one in Cape Coral. I actually lived there before and have broken this law. Luckily I did not get fined.

I currently live in Tampa and break the weird law in this city as well. I think everyone breaks the one in Tampa, especially if you love cheese.

Weirdest Law Ever Passed In Florida

According to USA Today, One of the weirdest laws passed in Florida was when they accidentally banned all computers in the state. Florida ran into some trouble in 2013. This happened when they accidentally banned all computers in the state. A confusingly worded law designed to ban internet cafes involved in illegal gambling prompted a lawsuit, arguing that the ban could be interpreted to apply to any internet-connected device.

Florida In 2023

Even though there are a lot of weird laws, a lot of them are not really enforced in 2023. It’s more so our government officials not taking the time to update the laws. Could you imagine being fined because you fell asleep under a hair dryer? I would be so upset.

There are somethings that I can’t believe are still illegal. For instance recreational marijuana! Why is that not legal in Florida in 2023! We are supposed to be a free state, so it’s strange that we are taking so long to pass that law. Carrying a gun without a permit is legal, but marijuana is not.

The Law Place came up with a list of weird Florida laws. Below are 5 of these laws.  Have you broken any of them? Feel free to email me, Stay safe and stay weird Florida. Being weird gets me more content to talk about on my radio show.

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