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I am Heather Avery Lipp, and may love of animals began when I was a child. My mother was a Veterinary Technician at a zoo and brought home wolves to bottle feed and other animals found their way into our lives that needed help. So, naturally, a desire to assist them medically became my passion. I grew up with horses, chickens and all sorts of animals on a small mini farm in Kentucky. Being a Kentucky resident allowed me to go to Auburn University since Kentucky does not have any Veterinary Schools. 

I graduated in 2009 with honors and began my journey to Florida, where I now reside. I work full time with small animals, and I also volunteer my medical time at the Catty Shack Ranch where I deal with the well being of the residents there ranging from bears to lions, tigers down to cervals and coatamundis. 

I live at home with my husband, daughter and 8 animals. 4 cats: Merlin, Nyx, Bellatrix (Trixie) and Gandalf. 4 dogs: A schnauzer named Casper, Husky named Hunter, Irish Wolfhound named Merida, and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Vivienne Celeste. We make quite the spectacle walking around the neighborhood with our menagerie and love to cuddle together in a big pile. I look forward to sharing my expertise about Veterinary Medicine and want to be a resource for owners and pet lovers alike! Follow me on Facebook and instagram at: Ask Dr Avery


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