Florida’s Eeriest Attraction: The Devil’s Chair

Tucked away in the Lake Helen cemetery of Volusia County, you’ll find an eerie attraction that has captured the attention and imagination of many: The Devil’s Chair. This isn’t your usual park bench but a graveside seat encased in brick, known by locals for its chilling folklore.

The Devil’s Chair is nestled in the cemetery that borders the towns of Cassadaga and Lake Helen. It’s more than just an unusual resting place – it’s become a symbol of the uncanny, a testament to Florida’s rich collection of ghost stories and urban legends.

This unique chair has gained notoriety as one of Florida’s eeriest attractions, drawing curious visitors from all over who are intrigued by its haunting reputation. Whether it’s the tales of supernatural encounters or the rumored appearances of the devil himself, it continues to be a fascinating part of Florida’s cultural landscape.

Location and Physical Description

Tucked away in the small town of Cassadaga, Florida, The Devil’s Chair sits eerily in the historic Cassadaga Cemetery. Known as the “Psychic Center of the World,” Cassadaga is a hub for psychic mediums and spiritual seekers, situated just about 35 miles north of Orlando (US Ghost Adventures).

This infamous chair, built from red bricks, boasts an imposing presence in the cemetery. Its location, amidst gravestones dating back to the 1800s, adds a layer of historical intrigue that enhances its eerie reputation. 

Here are some distinctive features of The Devil’s Chair:

  • Design and Craftsmanship: The chair, despite its eerie reputation, has a rather simple design. Its structure is made from four walls of red bricks, with a flat top serving as the seating surface. The craftsmanship is such that it has weathered time and elements, further adding to its mystique.
  • Surroundings: The chair is not just located within any ordinary cemetery. It sits amongst gravestones from the 1800s, adding a touch of historical mystique to its surroundings.
  • Seating Comfort: Despite the chilling tales, the chair is surprisingly comfortable to sit on, according to some visitors. The flat brick surface, while not padded, provides a firm seating area.
  • Weather Resistance: The chair’s brick construction has proven to be resistant to Florida’s diverse weather conditions. This resilience adds to its imposing stature and enduring presence in the cemetery.
  • Accessibility: The Devil’s Chair is easily accessible within the cemetery. There are no fences or barriers surrounding it, which allows visitors to approach and even sit on it if they dare.
  • Supernatural Aura: Many visitors claim to experience a supernatural aura around the chair. Some even report hearing voices or having paranormal encounters when seated on it.

These elements come together to make The Devil’s Chair a chilling yet captivating attraction for those interested in exploring Florida’s supernatural landscape.

The Folklore Surrounding The Devil’s Chair

The Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, Florida, cloaked in mystery and intrigue, is a focal point for various folklore and urban legends. As detailed by US Ghost Adventures, many of these tales revolve around the devil himself making an appearance to those brave (or foolhardy) enough to sit on the chair. This particular story has been passed down through generations, adding a chilling allure to this seemingly ordinary brick structure.

An enduring legend, as reported by the Shropshire Star, suggests that the devil uses the chair as his throne, from which he can observe the world. This tale imbues the chair with a sense of dark power and authority, potentially explaining why some visitors feel an intense sensation of unease when approaching it. The notion of the devil sitting on the chair, surveying the world from a cemetery in a small Florida town, adds an uncanny dimension to the chair’s lore.

Another prevalent urban legend, documented by Atlas Obscura, ties the chair to the tradition of leaving an unopened beer on it overnight. As the story goes, if you leave a beer can on the chair and return the next morning, you’ll find the can empty but still sealed. This legend, while seemingly whimsical, has attracted many curious individuals to test its validity, further contributing to the chair’s mystique.

The Devil’s Chair has roots in funerary design from the 19th century, when ‘mourning chairs’ were common in cemeteries. These stone seats were used by mourners visiting their loved ones’ graves and over time, some of these chairs, including the one in Cassadaga, have been associated with supernatural tales and urban legends.

While the origins of these folklores and urban legends are hard to trace, their persistence underscores the enduring fascination with the supernatural. The Devil’s Chair, with its eerie presence and chilling tales, continues to captivate those interested in the unknown and the unexplained.

Experiences of Visitors

The Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, Florida, has hosted numerous visitors over the years, each with their unique experience and story to share. From tales of eerie sensations to strange occurrences, these experiences add to the chair’s enigmatic reputation. 

Here are some visitor experiences that capture the essence of this intriguing landmark:

  • Strange Sensations: A visitor shared on ClickOrlando about feeling a strange sensation when sitting on a chair. The air seemed to grow colder, and they felt as if they were being watched, despite being alone in the cemetery.
  • Unsettled Feelings: As reported by Vice, several visitors have noted feelings of unease upon approaching the chair. Some have even described it as a sense of dread that intensifies the closer they get to the chair.
  • Paranormal Encounters: In an article on David Castleton’s blog, a group of young people shared their encounter with what they believed to be a supernatural entity near the chair. They reported hearing whispers and seeing shadowy figures around the chair.
  • Disappearing Items: According to Gypsy Journal RV, some visitors have experienced strange phenomena like personal items disappearing after they left them on the chair, only to reappear in unlikely places.

These accounts, while varied, all contribute to the rich tapestry of stories surrounding The Devil’s Chair. Whether these experiences are genuine encounters with the paranormal or simply the result of overactive imaginations is up to individual interpretation.

The Devil’s Chair in Popular Culture

The Devil’s Chair has not only captured the imagination of thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts but also has had a significant impact on popular culture. Its unique blend of urban legend and eerie reality has inspired various forms of media, including books, movies, and TV shows.

In film, “The Devil’s Chair,” a 2007 British horror movie directed by Adam Mason, uses the chair as a central plot device. The film, which premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, further popularized the legend surrounding the chair (Wikipedia).

In literature, the chair has been the subject of various articles and blog posts. For instance, David Castleton discusses the macabre legends associated with ‘Devil’s Chairs in cemeteries across the world, with the one in Cassadaga being among the most famous.

Here are a few notable instances where The Devil’s Chair has been featured in popular culture:

  • Film: As mentioned earlier, the British horror film “The Devil’s Chair” has brought the legend to the big screen, instilling a sense of dread and fascination among viewers.
  • Literature: The chair has been featured in numerous articles and blog posts that explore urban legends and supernatural phenomena. The legend has also been discussed in academic literature, examining its cultural significance and historical origins.
  • Urban Legends: The Devil’s Chair is a recurring theme in urban legends across the United States. From Florida to Illinois and Missouri, similar stories about such chairs have emerged, suggesting a widespread cultural fascination with these eerie structures (Wikipedia).
  • Local Culture: In Cassadaga, Florida, the chair is a significant part of local culture. It’s commonly featured in local ghost tours and stories, further cementing its place in the town’s folklore (Orlando Sentinel).

The Devil’s Chair transcends its physical existence as a stone structure in a cemetery. Its influence in popular culture is a testament to the enduring allure of urban legends and the human fascination with the supernatural.

The Devil’s Chair as a Symbol of Florida’s Eeriness

The Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, Florida, is more than just a structure engraved with chilling tales and urban legends; it’s a symbol of the state’s unique charm. As part of a broader tapestry of eerie attractions, the chair represents Florida’s rich cultural history intertwined with a fascination for the supernatural.

Moreover, the chair amplifies Florida’s reputation as a destination for thrill-seekers and curiosity-driven travelers. By attracting visitors with its mysterious lore, The Devil’s Chair contributes to Florida’s identity as a state that offers an intriguing blend of natural beauty and captivating mysteries. This balance between the familiar and the unknown is what makes Florida a uniquely intriguing place to explore.

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