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Fast Food Fiesta: Black Bear Steals Taco Bell Delivery from Family’s Porch!

Imagine this: you’ve ordered a delicious meal from Taco Bell via Uber Eats. As you eagerly anticipate the feast, a notification informs you that your order has been delivered. But when you open the door to retrieve your food, it’s gone! This isn’t a case of a delivery driver going rogue or a mix-up in orders. Instead, the culprit is much more surprising – a black bear!

This was the reality for one Orlando-based family who experienced a furry thief’s antics firsthand. Their Ring camera captured the entire incident, starting from the moment the bear nonchalantly approached their porch and swiped their $45 Taco Bell order, to its triumphant return to grab the accompanying sodas as reported by

The Fast-Food Heist

After the Uber Eats driver safely deposited the food on the front porch, the bear made its move. The Ring camera footage, as reported by CBS News, showed the bear daringly approaching the door and swiftly making off with the delivery bag clutched in its mouth. The bear’s audacious theft has since become a viral sensation, with the footage shared widely across social media platforms, as mentioned by WTSP.

But the bear’s escapade didn’t end there. Moments later, it returned to fetch the sodas that were part of the order.

The family’s reactions, captured on the same Ring camera, were priceless. “The bear took the food!” homeowner Laidy Guiterrez exclaimed in Spanish. Her niece, Nicole Castro, provided a play-by-play account to Fox 35 Orlando, detailing how the bear grabbed the food and then came back for the soda.

A Neighborhood Regular

For this family, bear sightings are not uncommon, making it easy to deduce who the mystery thief was. Despite the successful delivery by Uber Eats, the company issued a refund for the stolen food. The family has decided to halt food deliveries for now and is being extra cautious when stepping outside their home.

Bear Behavior Explained: Why Do They Steal Food?

According to BearWise, black bears are most active in the fall months as they try to gain enough body weight to survive the winter. Spending up to 20 hours a day foraging, these animals typically seek out natural foods but won’t pass up the chance to chow down on human food when the opportunity arises.

Bears are opportunistic animals that will eat just about anything they can get their paws on. While they are primarily herbivores, they will also eat meat if it’s available. This means that they will often raid garbage cans, bird feeders, and even homes in search of food.

In the case of the Taco Bell theft, it’s likely that the bear was attracted to the smell of the food and saw an opportunity to grab an easy meal. While it’s not clear whether the bear ate the food or not, it’s safe to say that it probably didn’t go to waste.

Not the First Bear Burglar

This isn’t the first instance of a bear indulging in human food. Just last month, a Connecticut homeowner was startled to find a black bear had broken into her home and raided her freezer, making off with a frozen lasagna. 

In another incident in Alaska, a mother bear and her cub found a Krispy Kreme delivery van with its doors open. They helped themselves to packages of donut holes and pastries while the driver tried to shoo them away.

How to Keep Bears Away from Your Home

If you live in areas where bear sightings are more frequent, it’s important to take steps to keep these large mammals at a safe distance from your home. As noted by WikiHow, there are several steps you can take to make your property less appealing to these curious creatures. Source

  • Secure your garbage cans: Make sure your garbage cans are securely closed and stored in a bear-resistant container or garage.
  • Remove bird feeders: Bears are attracted to bird feeders, so it’s best to remove them from your yard.
  • Keep your grill clean: Make sure to clean your grill after each use to remove any food residue that might attract bears.
  • Don’t leave food outside: If you’re having a picnic or barbecue, make sure to clean up all food and trash when you’re done.
  • Install motion-activated lights: Bears are less likely to approach a well-lit area, so installing motion-activated lights around your home can help deter them.

A Bear-y Intriguing Tale

While it may seem amusing, these incidents serve as a reminder that we share our environment with wildlife and need to take precautions to avoid such encounters. While the bear’s Taco Bell heist resulted in no harm (other than the loss of a meal), it’s essential to remember that bears are wild animals that can pose a danger if they become too comfortable around humans.

This tale of the bear swiping a Taco Bell order from a Florida family’s porch serves as a unique and entertaining anecdote. But it also underscores the importance of being mindful of our interactions with the wildlife that surrounds us, especially as our urban areas continue to expand into their natural habitats. 

The next time you order food for delivery, remember this story and maybe take a quick peek outside before opening your door – you never know who might be waiting!

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